Alistair Caplin (John Langan Band) - Passionate, dynamic Scottish fiddle player performing with one of my favourite bands (Sonic Classic)

Alex Percy (The Long Notes) - A fine Multi-instrumentalist currently playing too much guitar (Sonic Classic)

Andrew Degnen (Blue Mountains)  - "Fly" bluegrass player and pilot from Guernsey (Sonic Classic)

Andrew Napier (Have Mercy Las Vegas)  - Inventive and progressive Scottish fiddle player (Sonic Heritage)

Angelina Bjerregaard - String and keys teacher and consummate performer (Sonic Heritage)

Anna Chippendale (Butterfly Catchers) - Freelance Classical player (5 String Sonic Classic Plus)

Anna Esslemont (Uiscedwr) - One of the UK's most exciting contemporary folk bands (Classic and Sub Sonic)

Anne Brivonese (Duncan McFarlane Band) - Classic English Folk Rock band (Sonic Classic)

Barbera Bycroft (Twisty Willow) - Celtic player and teacher based in New Zealand (5 String Sonic Classic)

Becki Driscoll & Nick Wyke - English fiddle Duo, performers and tutors. (Sonic Classic and Attack)

Ben Lee (Eclipse Strings) - World touring quartet (Sonic Classic)

Bertie Anderson (Bowjangles) - Funtastic performer and vocalist also performing with Beaubowbelles (5 String Sonic Classic Viola)

Caitlin Barrett (The Roving Crows) - Formidable player and singer from County Donegal (Sonic Classic)

Carlos Santa Clara - Fabulous Jazz violinist Based in Portugal (Sonic Classic)

Carrie Thomas - Vastly experienced Scottish Ceilidh band player (5 String Sonic Classic)

Chloe Watson (Chloe bix) - Wonderfully expressive player of all styles (Sonic Classic 5 String)

Chris Nichols (Threepenny Bit) - Hard working teacher and performer (Sonic Classic)

Clive Cunningham (Dancing Ledge) - Traditional Irish player and tutor (Sonic Classic)

Darren Livy (The Wonkey Donkeys) - High energy guitarist and fiddler (Sonic Classic & Sub Sonic)

Dave Swarbrick - An inspiration to so many - RIP 2016 - (Sonic Classic, Sub & System Fit)

Ed Pritchard (Larkrise Ranters) - Oxford based player of fine English tunes (Sonic System)

Ed Bishop (Police Dog Hogan) - Crazy party band fiddler (Sonic Attack)

Elaine Savins (Savour the Flavour) - Bubbly fiddle player with a "polky stylee" (Sonic System)

Emma Churchley - London based freelance musician and teacher (Sonic Classic)

Eoghan Neff - Idiosyncratic award-winning Irish traditional fiddle player (Sonic ChinCello)

Ethan King (Sixteen String Jack) - Up and coming Folk Mentalists from Dorset (Sonic Classic 5 string)

Ffi & Joe (Pronghorn) -The ultimate Cow-Punk Band (Sonic Customs)

Gill Collins (Celtic Confusion) - Very confused Dorset Celtic Group (Sonic Heritage)

Hannah Martin (Edgelarks) - Multi-instrumentalist with a lilting melodic style all of her own (Sonic Classic 5 String)

Jade Morris (Psycho-Acoustic Goat) - Immensely talented freelance violinist - and my postman's daughter!(Sonic System)

Jamie Huddleston - Well travelled multi-instrumentalist performing English and Scandinavian tunes (Sonic Classic)

Jennifer Douglas (Licenced to Ceilidh) - Talented Violinist, exponent of Scottish Fiddle and dance caller (Sonic Classic)

Jenny Newman (3stick) - Vastly experience performer and tutor (Sonic Heritage)

Jerôme Fourcand - Extremely versatile French violinist (Sonic Classic)

Jerry Bloom (Kidnap Alice) - Energetic and talented fiddle maestro (Sonic System)

Jim Dorans (World Fiddle Music) - Versatile player with an excellent tutor site (5 String Classic Plus)

Jim O'Toole (Licenced to Ceilidh) -Young, energetic London band (Sonic Classic 5 String)

Joe O'Donnell (Shkayla) - Another legend at the top of the game (Sonic Classic)

John Hymas (Ex - Hoover the Dog) - Classical, Jazz and folk performer and composer (Sonic Classic)

Jon Boden (Bellowhead) - Vocalist, violinist and performer enjoying well-earned popularity (Sonic Classic)

Joy Gravestock (Lucy Ward Band) - Superb violinist and music therapist (Sonic Classic, Chin Cello )

Juan Ezeiza (xarnege) - Progressive violinist from the Basque/Gascony region of Spain (Sub Sonic)

Julian Ferraretto (Natacha Atlas - Urban Soul Orchestra) -Wide ranging jazz improv Violinist and Composer (Sonic Classic & Sub Sonic)

Kate Carpenter & Jim Lush (Swing Your Partner) - Dorset's very own Scottish Ceilidh Band (Sonic Attack, Vintage & Sub Sonic)

Krishna Hari (S. Harikumar) - Immensely talented Indian violinist from Trivandrum (5 String Sonic Classic)

Laura Carrivick (Carrivick Sisters) - Superb Bluegrass player, singer and performer (Sonic Classic)

Linda Game (English Contra Dance Band) - Bouncy performer of English dance music (Sub Sonic)

Lisa Rollin (Simply Red..) - An international violin playing diva (Sonic Heritage )

Liz and Sarah Leiw ( Chi2 Strings - Moby - Anastacia) - Dynamic Eastern tinged contemporary music (5 String Sonic Classics)

Liz Van Santen (Moonrakers) - Classically trained Oxford based player (5 String Sonic Classic)

Marc Weide - Highly versatile player of many styles; teaching, touring and sessions (Sonic Classic Violin and Viola)

Matt Kelly - An exceptional fiddle player covering Classical to Cajun and all stops in between (Sonic Heritage)

Moira Gutteridge (Dampiers Round) - Delightful player of British Folk Music (Sonic Classic)

Nancy Potts (Morris Offspring) - Famous "offspring" with a dance heritage (Sonic Attack)

Nick Gibbs (Folklaw) - Vastly experienced and travelled fiddler and vocalist hewn from the Punk era - Ex Bleeding Hearts (Sonic System)

Nick Pynn - Inspirational legend from the top flight of original UK players (Sonic Classic 5 String)

Nigel Ward (Rack and Ruin) - Experienced fiddler with a wide ranging and classy repertoire (Sonic Classic)

Nikos Oikonomidis (Keros Music) -Professional player based in Greece (Sonic Classic)

Noel Jackson (Angels of the North Ceilidh Band) - Cracking mandolin player (Sonic Mandolin)

Olivia Dunn (Phil Beer Band & Ex - Mad Dog McRea) - An energetic player taking occasional trips out with The Phil Beer Band and teaching. (Sonic Classic)

Paul Brasington -  A multifaceted creative talent who currently enjoys playing a little Celtic infused Jazz (Sonic Classic)

Pete Hartley - Virtuoso violinist & Violin backing track composer (Sonic System & Chincello)

Pete Shaw (Hannibals Heroes) - Long-time teacher and Performer (Sonic Classic)

Peter Ball - A multimentalinstrumist and troubadour of the highest order. (Sonic Classic)

Phil Beer - One of the UK's most highly regarded performers (Sonic System, Viola & Sub Sonic)

Richard Brecknock (Trotto) - Vastly experienced player of all styles (Sonic Classic & Sub Sonic)

Ros Wilks (Beaubowbelles) - Dynamic and vivacious violinist (5 String Sonic Classic)

Sam Sweeney - A vibrant and prolific player making his mark in many ways (Sub Sonic)

Sarah Horn (Sarah and James) - Young, energetic and powerful player (Sonic Classic)

Saskia Tomkins - Bowed string performer and teacher (Sonic Classic)

Sean MacGloin (Dr Schwamp) - Fab Irish American "doctor" procuring and providing musical elixirs (5 String Classic)

Simon Swarbrick - Freelance performer & teacher whose uncle plays a bit too. (Sonic Attack)

Sophia Davis (The Icicle tree) - Talented player and vocalist (Sonic Heritage)

Sovra Wilson-Dickson - Sublime singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (Sub Sonic)

Stephen Hussey (Urban Soul Orchestra - Madonna - Jamiroqai) -Conductor / Orchestrator / Arranger / Violinist ( Chincello )

Tim Trewin (Eat The Rich) - Crazy Crazy master fiddler and teacher (Sonic Classic Plus)

Titch *Me* (Black Sheep) - Cask Conditioned Celtic Rock (Sonic Everything!)

Tom Bell-Richards (Oxford Fiddle group) - Delightful player and member of the empowering Oxford fiddle Group (Sonic Attack)

Tom Kitching - Teacher, performer and fiddle entrepreneur (Sonic System)

Tracey Smith (Merlin's Keep) - Dynamic fiddler from Grimsby (Sonic Classic)

Una Palliser (Session Musician - Shakira) - Highly Versatile vocalist and fiddle player from Co.Cork (5 String Sonic Classic)

Wen Archer (Heelstone) - Wiltshire based song and tune smith (Sonic Classic)

Will Harvey (String Arranger - Ex Dry The River) - Talented and experienced performer and composer (Sonic Heritage)

Will Page (Noble Jacks) - Vibrant fiddle-singer with up and coming Alt-Folk band (Sonic Classic)

Will Walker (Bellows, Scratchitt and Pluckitt) - Also to be found with Nottingham's Whip the Cat Rapper and Dolphin Morris. (Sonic Classic)