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Sonic Violins was established in 2004 by myself - Richard Roberts (Circa 1962)

I started playing, as many do, at school ( Aged 8 ¼ ). In an attempt to opt out of the ‘boring’ orchestra at the school variety concert I foolishly volunteered to play some bluegrass instead, ( Aged 13 ); this required amplification.

Having purchased a clip on acoustic guitar bug from my local guitar shop and borrowed a friend’s guitar amp, complete with dodgy jack socket, I inflicted a squawky rendition of Orange Blossom Special on the incumbent parents. Therein started two decades of searching for a decent way to play loud acoustic dynamic fiddle.

I developed this system over many years, driven by my own dissatisfaction of commercially available electric violins. As well as playing fiddle for over 40 years I had also spent 27 years working as a design and development engineer for a multinational company so I had both the experience and the resources to address all areas of the design, from the sound quality and reliability through to the supply chain and costs.

I set out to deliver the most cost effective, no compromise solution to budding players who were struggling to resolve the issues of live amplified performance. This I did with the Sonic Attack. Very soon I was meeting with some seriously good players, many of whom were my own fiddle heroes, and supplying them with instruments which meant offering higher grade violins … enter the Sonic Classic, which today is the best-selling model; and the Sonic Heritage which is a truly stunning instrument in every respect. From there Five String Violins and Octave Violins followed to satisfy the wide ranging needs of my expanding customer base. The range now also includes Viola, Cello, Bass and Mandolin.

As well as the instruments, as important as they are, I strive to offer the best support I can to my customers. I have built up a great support network around my business from violin and bow makers, to technicians and engineers. Combined with my suppliers, and not least the help and advice I receive from my extensive customer base, I can find answers and solutions to most questions and scenarios. This support extends seven days a week, even when I'm out performing myself! 07974 772 470

”Took delivery of the fiddle last night and it sounds absolutely fantastic! I'd been looking forward to getting back all week but I had no idea it would be that brilliant! The Wireless system looks fantastic as well, I'll give it its first run out up in Scotland tomorrow :) Thank you so much for doing the work so quickly and for being so accommodating with lending me your spare as well, it made the whole process very easy indeed!"

Alastair Caplin

To be continued...