Sonic Cellos

Attack Cello £1195
Classic Cello £1995
Heritage Cello £3995

Octave or Bass Strings + £200
Perfection geared pegs +£150 (+£200 Ebony/Rosewood)
Semi Rigid Case +£175
Fibreglass Case +£425
Carbon Fibre case +£690

The Sonic Cello are built to order, I can discuss and supply a range of instruments within these budgets to suit you, all supplied from my UK distributors. The Sonic Classic Cello is most popular with gigging musicians and I have a Demo model available at all times.

The system is the same as described for the violins but the bridge transducer is in one piece the same as the Deluxe violin transducer.

It is also possible to string the Cello as a Double Bass or Octave Cello either for extended Cello work or for bass players who are weary of lugging around 3/4 size basses.