5 String Violins & Violas

Electro Acoustic Violin £1095
Acoustic Violin £795

Electro Acoustic 16” Viola £1295
Acoustic Viola 16” £995

The Sonic Classic Five string violin is made to the the same material specification as the 4 string Sonic Classic in our partner workshop in Shanghai.

The body is based on a 14” Stradivari pattern but the ribs are deeper at 34mm. The fingerboard is 26mm wide at the nut to accommodate the extra string, maintaining a typical string spacing of 5.5mm and a comfortable neck feel.

The Sonic Classic Five string Viola is a Stradivari pattern 16” Viola with a two piece back and with a 27mm wide nut- fitted as standard withe perfection tuning pegs

These instruments can also be built with Octave Strings.