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Welcome to Sonic Violins, dedicated to making your stage sound true-reliable-uncomplicated.

Bespoke instruments tailored to your personal specification, set up and requirements.

This short video introduces myself, my business and my instruments.

Based in Wimborne, Dorset, UK.

I supply a vast range of accesories and acoustic violins, carry out repairs and set ups and can recommed other violin and bow makers for more specialist work.


Further comments from a host of players may be viewed on Facebook.

"..I bought the Sonic Classic, at under £900 it's amazing value. A wonderful acoustic violin that is also superb electronically.

Try one on 10 day trial it may be what you've been looking for for years."

Dave Swarbrick - Swarbs Lazarus

"Having already tried tested and bought the Sonic Viola and being very happy with it, I have now had the same system installed on one of my 'saxon' violins. It's an excellent replacement for my main fiddle which can now have its million mile service.

The Sonic is the first viable replacement I've found in 35 years!!! I recommend them!"

Phil Beer - Show of Hands

"Absolutely wonderful violins with superb electronics, delivering what you want when you want it. The Sonic is now an essential part of my equipment."

Joe O'Donnell - Shkayla

"... I wanted a natural acoustic sound which could perform at high volume but with no feedback. The Sonic Attack does a great job...For a professional why spend thousands of pounds on an electric when for £595 this will do the job? For a novice why not buy a violin which can be used in any situation?

Simon Swarbrick - Five Furious Fish

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"... Sonic Violins have triumphantly combined the best of traditional and modern technology in instruments that anyone would be proud to own and play, and all at very affordable prices. If you're a string player, these are the instruments you've been waiting for..."

David Etheridge - Music Mart Magazine

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“...the best, most versatile electro-acoustic violin I’ve come across.

Rich warm tone and responds well to whatever I throw at it.”

Saskia Tomkins

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