What is an Electric Violin?

Since I was little, even smaller than I am today, I have always wanted to play "Electric Violin".

Back in the day when I was starting out there were few "Electric Violins" commercially available, now they are everywhere...but they are not truely Electric, the vast majority are Electro - Acoustic.

An electric guitar uses a solid (non resonant) body with coil pickups, an electro acoustic uses a resonant body with vibration transducers (Typically Piezo). However most "Electric Violins" incorrectly combine solid non resonant bodies with vibration transducers, that's not logical, it is equivalent to putting an under-saddle transducer on a Fender Strat and expecting it to sound like a Martin OM-28, and that matters when you use them...it matters a lot.

To find out what I mean and to hear the differences please watch this video, it goes on a bit (15mins) as it is quite an involved subject, but I have added a few little pockets of humour to elevate the monotony of listening to me rabbiting on.